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Burden of mountains

These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. #readitsomewhere.


Vighnaharta(obstacle remover) or Vighnakarta(obstacle maker)


“Vighnaharta”, that’s the name we get in our mind when we think about Lord Ganesha, vighna means obstacle and harta means remover. Ganesha has been referenced as the obstacle remover in our veds (ancient scripts of  Hindus) it has been stated that if you pray to lord Ganesha for something then he will remove all your obstacles and help you with the completion of the task. The sole purpose of ganesha festival organized by Bal Gangadhar tilak was to bring unity between the people during the British rule and it also served the purpose of meeting point for the people who was a not allowed during that the British rule. Years after years the festival gained lime light and people started making alterations to the festivals. The basic charm of the festival started to fade away with time. What was supposed to be the reason for unity started to become the reason for the clash between people. Many people get into fights during these 11 days long festival because they have been drunk with the booze that has been consumed from the Chanda(“contribution”) that has been taken from people in the name of ganesha puja.

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